August 2019 Newsletter

This month we’ll continue with our ocean theme and keep reviewing the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors. Next we will be studying about farm animals.  The Nevada County Fair is August 7th – 11th, and it’s a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn about pigs, sheep, cows, horses, chickens, rabbits, etc….  Have your preschooler ask the 4H and FFA kids all about the animals at the fair.

 For all my kids starting Kindergarten this month, we’ll miss you!!! I know everyone is going to do great and love Kindergarten.   Make sure to come back and visit. We want to know how everything is going at your new school.

Backyard Schoolhouse party is Saturday August 3rd – 2 pm at Memorial Park.  Bubbles, Pop Cycles, and Friends!

Come celebrate a great year of Preschool and say goodbye to our friends leaving to start Kindergarten!

Important Dates:                                                

  • August 3rd – SNCS Family Appreciation Day 10-1pm
  • August 3rd – School Party 2pm Memorial Park
  • August 7th – 11th  – Nevada County Fair